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Fast oral cancer detection

Detect oral cancer in a two-minute exam

There are many factors that can put you at risk of oral cancer, including smoking, chewing tobacco, and using alcohol. In addition, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), recognized for its role in cervical cancer, has been recently connected to increasing cases of oral cancer.


If you have small sores in your mouth that don't go away, don't ignore them. Visit Comfort Dental of Fort Wayne for a two-minute VELscope Vx exam to ensure that your mouth is healthy. The exam does not involve rinses, stains, or discomfort and accurately assesses your overall oral health.


It is recognized by the World Health Organization as one of our most powerful tools for locating mucosal oral abnormalities. It can even protect you from oral disease including cancer.


Over 10 million of these exams have been performed. Schedule an exam and protect yourself today!


When it is detected early, oral disease is easiest to treat. Even oral cancer, when found early, has a 5-year survival rate of 83%. When found late, the survival rate is only 32%. The VELscope Vx helps dentists locate pre-cancerous areas that might progress to oral cancer if left untreated. It also offers earlier detection of cancer so you can get the treatment you need to survive.


It uses a blue light that stimulates natural fluorescence in the soft tissues of your mouth, allowing your dentist to  see disease that cannot be seen by the naked eye in everyday light.


Want to know more about VELscope Vx? Click here to visit their website.

Early detection of oral disease

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